About Us

Who We Are

Novagate Solutions is a company that dealing with copier / photocopier.We sell, rent and supply copier machine and parts.

We have more thant 10 years experience dealing with copier. In fact we give the best price according to your needs. We have supply through out Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak. If you need some advice, we are happily to give it to you. More than 300 customers have trust us since 2008 and why not you?

What We Do

  • Copier Supply
  • Copier Rental
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Copier Maintenance
  • Office Machinery
  • Network Setup
  • Copier Export

Resions to You Choose us

Our Services

Rental Packages Copiers / Photocopying

We offer Rental packages copier / photocopier to the office. Our rental packages are affordable and do not have to think long to have it. In rental packages, we assure in spare parts and toner. And if there is critical damage then we will change it to another machine without having to pay additional rental costs.

Copier Selling Package

Packages are offered for customer who is in a business or doing business in photocopying shop. Every package that you purchase comes with a limited warranty for all items.


We also provide service to sell spare parts copier / photocopier, advising businesses in the areas of business copier / photocopier and also help provide network setup for office use.

Quality & Warranty
Each machine before It came out of our warehouse will be through the 4 major types of checkpoints which include electronic inspection, mechanical inspection, inspection bodies and inspection of the output qualities. This is to ensure that when arriving in your hand, you just need to plug it in and use it.
Warranty & Spare Part
In any organization whether offices, shops, schools and government departments, in the event of a delay in the repair of copier / photocopier can interfere with the operation of the organization's work. Thus a mechanism "fast services" are needed. Maximum time limit of 5 hours of "downtime" is our company philosophy for machine recovery purposes.
Our technicians are individuals who are able to provide after sales service is best for you. They were trained in a variety of situations and scenarios that various mechanical problems. So no wonder if you can call them as "Site Engineer".
Besides the best service, our company is also very concerned about the security copier / photocopier and use of spare parts. Although most of the parts used are OEM, but it has a very high quality

Our Warehouse

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